Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sad January

January has such a tough job....

First it has to follow December with all its sparkle and winter festivities...

And then it is soooo cold and wet and windy.

January gets the promise of the being the start of the New Year, but it often becomes the start of...

The flu season.
Or head cold at our house.
You know, that wicked, nasty head cold that hangs on and on...all through January.
That leads us to the other thing that January is famous for...

Cabin fever.
Oh, yeah....there's nothing like being stuck in the house, weekend after weekend, sneezing, coughing, hacking, sniffling and wheezing. It's not a pretty sight.

January. It comes in with such a bang and often goes out with a whimper.

Sorry January...better luck next year.