Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Strength to Love

Love is not just a flush, a blush or a treat. It is not just an excitement or a catch of breath. Love is also a requires us to not only care for those who please us but commands that we also include those who live to hurt or hate into our hearts and prayers. Some people are almost impossible to love and some spit love right back at us. But we must learn to love all the same. It does not mean that we allow behaviours to hurt us or that we not set up boundaries. But we are required to hold love in our hearts and banish anger and bitterness, even when we feel such negativity is justified. We do not act in love for the sake of the other person or for ourselves but because love is a force that must be wielded and set upon each and every living thing. It is our responsibility, our duty to love... and we must find that strength to love even when it is, oh, so difficult.