Friday, January 1, 2010

It's a New Year's Resolution

It will probably be the only New Year's Resolution that I will accomplish, but here it is. I am starting a blog. Not because I dream of "Julie & Julia" (which I do) or because it is my favourite movie (which at the time it is). I am writing a blog because I want to write and I am always finding excuses not to.

This introductory blog is as awkward as a first meeting. I am feeling a little shy and you do not know me very well. What can we expect? Well, I can tell you that I have lots to share and I have my family and friends who find me fairly entertaining. Sometimes that is a good thing, other times I am good-natured that it is at my expense.

So it is a New is night...and it is quiet...with just us looking ahead to a year we cannot even begin to fathom. I am a fairly cheap date. I will blog for attention...for comments, good or bad, as I have a lot to learn here...but mostly I will share with you things that I have discovered, things that I enjoy and think you will too, and probably things that will take me out of my comfort zone. I will be piecing bits and snippets of my life to make a pattern that you can see. It is a lot like quilting, which I like to do. Or, it is like adding together ingredients of my life to serve up something that I think you will enjoy...a lot like cooking or baking, which I also do.

I was going to start off sharing a recipe for my buttermilk biscuits, but it is misplaced among the after-holiday chaos. That will then have to be for another post. But I will share it here with you and then I won't have to hunt down that little recipe card ever again. I would like to post pictures but I am waiting for my new camera to arrive. So yes, I understand that I am a little unprepared for this first meeting....but I thought it was important to get this blog started, tonight, now, and not put it off any longer. After all, it is a New Year's resolution.


  1. I love this first page. Very cool. Very colorful. Looking forward to lots. And don't be have a lot in there....don't worry about what anyone thinks, you are not being graded!

  2. Amazing - You are off to a good start. Congrats on completing your first resolution of the year!

  3. Hi Suzanne. I love the picture. The chickens have that antique, homey look that I love. Although blue is not my favorite color, I like the choice of blue you used. It is by the way my favorite color of blue.

    I cannot picture you being shy, you have always seemed full of self confidence in my eyes. I always looked up to you and wished I was more like you in so many ways.

    I think your fist posting to your blog is a great start; I do feel that I DO know you though since we met in the fourth grade and you were my only friend, my best friend in the whole world.

    I can't wait to see what you do here when you no longer feel "awkward". Again, I have a difficult time picturing you as "awkward". You have always come across and confident and you have a graceful presence about you that I have always admired. I look forward to pictures, I hope you don't keep me in suspense for too long!

    I hope many people will come and enjoy what you share here. You have a lot of talent and many experiences that I believe others will enjoy learning about.

    I love you dear friend and always will.


  4. Great start! I am looking forward to following your adventures in the coming year.

  5. Happy 2010 Suzanne! What a great way to start out the year with your new blog!

  6. Happy New Year! Your opening picture is wonderful -- peaches -- makes me think of summer already! :-) (Will you be posting the recipe for it?)

    BTW, you are not extraordinarily ordinary you are EXTRAORDINARY. I have always admired the way you accomplish all the things you do in your life. You are a marvelous mother, teacher and friend. I'll look forward to following your thoughts and "snippets" as your blog continues.

    How is your quilting going?

    Wishing you a year filled with fun adventures.......

  7. Actually, those aren't peaches...that is an apple-cranberry Dutch baby and I will post pix and the recipe the next time I make it!