Friday, January 15, 2010

What I really like is ....

I like quiet early mornings. I like having a few moments to myself before I shower and dress and start the new day at the job. I like my job and the people I work with. But now, especially after losing last weekend to a medical mishap, I am really liking the idea of a three-day weekend. Like Pippi Longstocking who never had a Christmas vacation in her life of complete freedom, I like that I put in a full week and somehow the bills will get paid and I can now have a weekend!

What opportunities await me this weekend? Oh, joy and rapture! Well, to start off with, my room and closet are a mess, I have some work-at-home stuff that has to be caught up on and then there are the bills to look at and see who gets paid this week....but then! I think I would like most to do some cooking and freezing this weekend to avoid any more quick and easy options for dinner. How about some real food, guys?

So I have this list that is far too unrealistic (oh, and asking those who know me, I am very obsessive about making to do it, do it a lot!) So I have this list of all the things I will need to accomplish to make me feel like I am right again with this world and already telling myself that if only a third of it gets done, it will be okay. I am having my daughter come and visit, bringing the beau to meet her mother....and I think she has in mind preparing a huge Sunday breakfast, which is just what Mom likes to do. My son and my Belgian son will be here to eat that up, especially as pickings have been pretty slim with the Mom laid up.

And saving the best for last..with all these techie minds around the house this weekend, happy and content with Mom's home-cooking, I think a tutorial on the new camera is in order and I will finally get to blog! No longer will I have to "steal" photos from my daughter to brighten up my posts...I can do my own..

Let the creative juices flow! I really like that too!

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